Manga Studies

An online space for manga research

Projects is an interdisplinary research collective for the academic exploration of manga, which provides online space for digital academic output.

Manga Vision: Cultural and Communicative Perspectives is an edited academic volume published by Monash University Publishing. The Manga Vision webpages here on the Manga Studies portal host online supplement material to the volume including high-resolution colour cosplay photographs, musical compositions inspired by manga, and downloadable manga-related teaching resources, as well as abstracts for each chapter, contributor biographies, and a full reference list.

The Manga SFX Glossary is an online bilingual database of onomatopoeia and mimesis translations, compiled from Japanese and English volumes of professionally published manga.

Lost in Scanlation is a collaborative project which produces English translations of Japanese web-manga as an exploration into the boundaries of 'scanlation' practices.

Comic Stuides Lexicon is a project which aims to facilitate international Comics Studies academic discourse by providing a multilingual lexicon of comic related words.

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