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There are currently 769 different Japanese terms and a total of 1330 translation pairings in the database. The glossary was last updated on October 1st, 2015.

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doki: (どき, ドキ) gulp*, b-dmp*, b-thmp*

doki!: (どきっ, ドキッ) !!*, ba-bump*, ba-bump*

dokidoki: (ドキドキ) bbmp bbmp*, b-bmp b-bmp*, b-thmp b-thmp*

dokin: (ドキン) gulp*

tokutoku: (トクトク) gug gug*

dokun: (ドクン) b-thmp*

tokun: (トクン) b-thmp*

doko!: (どこっ) boot*

dokodoko: (ドコドコ) bip bippity*

dosa: (ドサ) domp*

dosa!: (ドサッ) fwmp*, thud*, twap*, whump*

dosadosaa: (どさどさー) crash tumble*

dosari: (ドサリ) plop*, thud*

dosu: (ドス) krak*

tosu: (とす) thmp*

dosu!: (ドスッ) stomp*, shunk*, thud*, thunk*, zonk*, zunk*

dota: (どた, ドタ) fwunk*, thumpa*, wump*, wam*, clomp*

totaa: (ドター) bam*

dotaa!: (ドターッ) thunk*, woosh*

dotaan: (ドターン) kablam*

dotata: (ドタタ) bbbbam*

dota!: (どたっ, ドタッ) wump*, donk*, foomp*, plop*

dotatsu: (ドタツ) plop*

dotadota: (どたどた, ドタドタ) thumpa*, bump*, flam*, thm thm*, tong*, zoom*

do!: (どっ, ドッ) thd*, bomp*, fomp*, gasp*, haw*, whudd*

dottan: (ドッタン) crash*

totsu!: (トツッ) thmp*

do!do!: (ドッドッ) klang*, klop klop*

doppun: (どっぷん) sploosh*

dote!: (どてっ) k-thwmp*

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