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There are currently 769 different Japanese terms and a total of 1330 translation pairings in the database. The glossary was last updated on October 1st, 2015.

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scrape: gatan (ガタン)*

scratch scratch: ga!ga! (ガッガッ)*, boribori (ぼりぼり)*

scree: uoo (ウオー)*

screech: kii! (キ~ッ)*, ki! (キッ)*, kyaa (キャー)*

screeee: gyee! (ギェーッ)*

screeeeech: kaaa! (カーーッ)*

scrunch: boki (ボキ)*

scuff: za! (ザッ)*

scuffle: wasshi (ワッシ)*

sh-hh: shiin (しーん)*

sh-m: shaa! (シャーッ)*

sh-oooomm: sha-! (シャーッ)*

shaa: zaa (ザー)*, shaa! (シャーッ)*

shaa shaa: zaazaa (ザーザー)*

shangg: gacha! (ガチャッ)*

shap: gochi (ゴチ)*

shf: goso (ごそ)*

shff shff: zurizuri (ずりずり)*

shh: soo (そー)*

shh shh: shiisshi! (しーっしーっ)*

shh-m: shaa! (シャーッ)*

shhaaa: zaa (ザー)*

shhh: goron (ゴロン)*, zaa! (ザーッ)*, shi! (シッ)*

shhh shhh: shusshu! (シュッシュッ)*

shhhaaaa: dodo (ドド)*

shhhh: tsuru! (つるっ)*

shhhhh: zaa (ザー)*

shhhhhhh: shiin (しーん)*

shhhhhhhhhh: suui! (すーいっ)*

shhhpok: pakoon (パコーン)*

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