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There are currently 769 different Japanese terms and a total of 1330 translation pairings in the database. The glossary was last updated on October 1st, 2015.

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5 Random Japanese Entries:

din: (ヂン) slam*

bururu: (ブルル) whieeee*

nita: (ニタ) grin*, smooch*

iee: (イエー) unh*

guii: (ぐいー) tug*

5 Random English Entries:

fwikfwik: kyorokyoro (キョロキョロ)*

tmp tmp: sutasuta (すたすた)*, dadada (ダダダ)*, dodo (ドド)*, tonton (トントン)*

hmph: kaa! (カーッ)*, gakuri (ガクリ)*, jii (じー)*, sutasuta (すたすた)*, bishi (ビシ)*, busu! (ぶすっ)*, fu! (ふっ)*, fun! (ふんっ)*, mu…! (ム・・・ッ)*, mu! (ムッ)*

bow wow wow: wawawawanwan (ワワワワンワン)*

eek: kyaa (キャー)*, hi! (ひっ)*

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