Manga Vision

Cultural and Communicative Perspectives

Manga Vision: Cultural and Communicative Perspectives is an exciting exploration of manga (Japanese comics) from academic and artistic perspectives, edited by Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou and Cathy Sell, and published by Monash University Publishing.

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Free Downloadable Manga Classroom Resources

The resources below have been designed using manga-related content and material, to assist in the teaching of a variety of subjects including Japanese as an Additional Language (JAL), English as an Additional Language (EAL), Japanese culture, and linguistics.

Each resource relates to content covered in one of the Manga Vision chapters and has been designed by academic teaching staff.

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EFL Worksheet
© 2016 Lara Promnitz-Hayashi

Designed for use in teaching English as a Foreign Language, this worksheet can be used in the classroom to aid students in learning through the consideration of manga... READ MORE»

SFX Materials
© 2016 Cathy Sell and Sarah Pasfield-Neotifou

Materials for Japanese as an Additional Language (JAL) students introducing the wide range of onomatopoeia that exists in Japanese... READ MORE»

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