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Scanlation is the act of translating scans of manga, generally utilizing digitised copies of commercially published translations.

The Lost in Scanlation team works with in direct collaboration with Japanese webmanga artists and these manga have been translated and posted with the permission of their original creators. We hope you enjoy the translations and highly recommend visiting the artists' individual websites for more stunning original artwork.

All copyright is retained by the oringinal manga artists.
English translations are reproduced here with permission.

Cosmo Police and Cosmo Police : Prelude

by Maski, Translated by James Rampant

Set in a wild future, Cosmo Police is the story of a team of crime fighters charged with protecting the peace between the people of earth and the Kihaada aliens who came here to work. You read it here before District 9 even came out at the cinemas!

About the Author
Maski (born 10/5/1973, real name unknown) is a manga artist / illustrator living in Tokyo’s Suginami ward. Maski has produced a number of manuals for the stationary company deleter (famous for their manga art supplies), as well as illustrated guides for Digicube’s FF11, Gundam War, Chokobosutarion and cuts for Saga Frontier 2 Perfect Works and Xenogears Perfect Works. You can visit Maski's website Masu-no-Ya at

Live On!

by Aokage Takuma, Translated by James Rampant

Live On! is a touching albeit wacky tale about acceptance and a girl who doesn’t want to let go of her best friend.

About the author
Aokage Takuma is a manga artist who lives in Hokkaido, whose hobbies are drawing, manga collection and reading, being deeply moved emotionally, and karaoke. You can visit Aokage-san's website Kiji Sousaku at


by Date, Translated by Bec Chen and Cathy Sell

MultiManiax is a collection of short gag manga that parody different series and games, this translated selection includes parodies of Air, Kanon, ToHeart, Under the Endless Blue Sky, Shizuku, Ragnorak Online, Comic Party and Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

About the Author
Date is a Japanese doujinshi artist, who is active in both theonline community and at conventions. You can visit Date's website at

Panda Mask

by SchizoidMan, Translated by Cathy Sell

A judo manga. Although judo is not so much the main theme but rather the medium of the story. It is a coming of age tale featuring a panda-masked avenger of the night.

About the author
Schizoidman, aka Unizuka Yuniyoshi, are the pen names of Yamaguchi Takashi, a manga artist, illustrator and caricaturist who lives in Tokyo. His favourite quote is the final poem written by the samurai Takasugi Shinsaku 'Omoshiroki koto mo naki yo o omoshiroku' (Make an uninteresting world interesting). You can visit Schizoidman's website at

Song of Youth

by Masao, Translated by David Li

Anime and video game characters from your youth rendered in a Fist of the North Star world. Not for the faint of heart.

About the Author
Masao's favorite manga include; Fist of the North Star, Famicon Rocky and Kinikuman. He is proud of his rapid fire, bicycle and C language skills and dislikes Pepsi-cola and programming languages without pointers. His long running website Shounen-no-Uta (presently inactive) showcased a range of classic game parody manga. His style has changed a lot since Song of Youth and he posts new art to his pixiv account, more amazing than funny, but just as equally worth checking out.

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